IIDEX/NeoCon Canada 2007

Gold and silver Awards for three exclusive Lumigraf novelties!

Montreal, October 22 2007 – The designer and manufacturer of decorative plastic products Lumigraf was awarded three Innovation Awards at this fall’s IIDEX/NeoCon Canada 2007, in Toronto: Gold Awards for Lumi-Dichroic and Lumi-Optic both in the Finishes category, and a Silver Award for Lumi-Pearl, in the same category. In addition, Lumi-Optic won an Award of Excellence in the New Product category at the Montréal International Interior Design Show (SIDIM) which was held in Montreal, May 2007.

These decorative plastics are available in a variety of contemporary, classic or tailor-made prints and textures. Art, nature, architecture, design or fashion becomes a source of inspiration.

"The recognition we received at NeoCon Canada from the decorative plastics and the interior design industries is of great importance to us. These awards have come to crown more than a decade of continuing efforts to developing products of the outmost quality. We strive to design and produce increasingly innovative, efficient and aesthetic products ", comments Robert Taylor, President of Lumigraf.

Lumi-Optic stems from an extensive research and a complex development process, requiring an innovative software to obtain greater fluidity in the holographic effect without image distortion (visit our website for a Flash demonstration). Such advanced imagery has yet to be equalled on the market. With its state-of-the-art imaging and rolling techniques, Lumi-Dichroic offers with a wider range of shades of colours (from pink to blue), based on the user's perceptions, angle of vision and the type of lighting system used within a space. This peculiar solarisation effect is especially well-suited for “glam” style design ambiances. A "dichroic effect " can be added to our existing collections or your own prints unto opaque, translucent or backlit plastics.

The result of more than five years product research, the “pearl” effect Lumi-Pearl adds an astonishing depth and richness to the full line of existing Lumigraf faux finis. It can also recreate the soft and sensuous look of onyx, marble and curly wood. Other Lumigraf products also benefit from our recent breakthroughs in advanced imaging and manufacturing techniques. With Lumi-9, for example, the pattern is now « infused » throughout, allowing for a longer life and higher resistance to scratches.

A renowned specialist of the Hospitality market, such as hotel, bars, restaurants and casinos, Lumigraf also provides a wide range of products made of resin (acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG, etc.) to the residential market. In addition, we are the only company able to produce domes and custom forms imaging.

Imaging in a more sustainable way
Seen as an essential factor for our growth, R&D is at the foreground at Lumigraf. To this effect, the year 2007 has been particularly fruitful for our winning company who caters to many major firms of architects and interior designers from Canada, the United States and all over the world.

Lumigraf benefits from the research of its permanent R&D staff in the areas of colour, composition of materials and the development of new software and machinery. Thus, we can always fully control the quality of our products and of our projects over five continents.

Our company is proud to contribute to the respect of the Kyoto Agreement, such as sourcing fibres from local resources, whenever possible. Also, we avoid using any solvent in the manufacturing of our products. Larger than life, the faux finis product we create is lightweight, made of durable material which in retrospect reduces the consumption of our natural resources as well as the production of greenhouse effects which is unfortunately linked to product distribution activities.

In addition, a series of environmentally responsible measures were taken during the upgrade of our headquarters, a 100,000 square feet industrial building in Montreal where our workshops are located. These measures helped us recover or recycle 45% of the construction materials and attain a higher level of energy efficiency.

For additional information on Lumigraf products or for any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our web site at

Contact (media)
Guy Pelletier

514. 207.1495 ext. 206
Robert Taylor
514.277.1495; 1.866.877.1495 ;


Newspaper: La Presse, Cahier Mon Toit, Saturday March 27 2004

Elaine Goulet and Robert Taylor pose behind three backlighted cylinders.


Magazine: Interieurs, April-May 2003, Interior Design magazine

(only available in French)


De vrais faux-finis! Le concepteur, manufacturier et distributeur Lumigraf propose des produits de recouvrement exclusifs qui se plient aux besoins des professionnels du design; la matière plastique joue ici la carte de la transparence et de la richesse des textures pour plafonds, panneaux muraux, comptoirs, luminaires, mobilier et accessoires décoratifs.


Magazine: Interieurs, September-October 2003, Interior Design magazine

(only available in French)

Prix d'excellence

Une mention pour l'accesoire en décoration Lumi-Onyx. Conçu par Robert Taylor, le nouveau recouvrement d'appoint reproduit les tonalités et le grain subtils de la pierre grâce à une technologie de pointe. Ces vrais faux onyx et marbres transparents sont d'une malléabilité et d'une légèreté offrant de nombreuses solutions d'aménagement aux secteurs résidentiel et commercial. Exclusif à Lumigraf.


Magazine: Interieurs, October 2002, Interior Design magazine

(only available in French)

Deux montagnes d'excellence pour Lumigraf, une entreprise de recouvrement d'appoint, dans la catégorie Éclairage et accessoires de décoration, avec Lumi-9, et dans la catégorie Meuble résidentiel et armoires de cuisine, avec Lumigraf, Série cuisine. Lumi-9 est issue de la haute technologie. La structure de plastique est conçue par procédé laser double convexion qui reproduit l'effet du verre coulé. Par ailleurs, Lumigraf, Série cuisine, est un vinyle opaque ou translucide, selon la lumière ambiante, pour des effets de prodondeur et une apparence nacrée inusitée. Maintenant offert en version rigide, une formule appréciée des professionels du design.


Magazine: Ottagono, Octobre 2002, Design Architettura Idee (italian design magazine)

Dal 1988, questo evento annuale favorisce i contatti d'affari fra i membri delle comunità del design e i loro clienti, individua nuove tendenze e stimola la creatività di coloro che lo frequentano.

Per il quinto anno consecutivo SIDIM 2002 ha presentato il progetto Tendenza Italia, un microcosmo delle più recenti tendenze del design italiano. Per questa edizione, Innova Design ha proposto un approccio progettuale radicalmente diverso: l'intera area espositiva di Tendenza Italia è stata avvolta, dal soffitto al pavimento, con tessuti dall'effeto diafano. Al progetto hanno partecipato venticinque aziende italiane.


Since 1988, this annual event galvanizes business contacts among members of the design community and their clients, spotlights new trends and creatively inspires all those who attend. For the fifth consecutive year, SIDIM 2002 presented the project Tendenza Italia, a 9,000 m< sup=""> microcosm of current trends in Italian design. This year, Innova Design proposed a radically different design concept. An impressive lighting system illuminated draped folds in the veiling to create a spectacular effect.<>


Magazine: Hors serie, Fall 2002, La crème de la déco! Alain Desgagnes Designer, Innedesign

(only available in French)

Les portes de verre recouvertes sur l'intérieur d'une feuille de polycarbonate s'ouvrent sur un bureau. Les tablettes de bois brun, dont l'une faisant office de plan de travail coulisse sur rails, sont boulonnées à des colonnes d'acier. Spots intégrés et fils soigneusement dissimulés.